Sunday, May 22, 2011

Having a grand ol' time for our 8th anniversary:)

Hi guys, we're at Naples, Fl. for our 8th year wedding anniversary! Awesome time!
Can you see the 8 on the sand? For my gift... The most thoughtful gift on celebrate our lives for our future children or anything I'd like to do with it.
Check it out...

I can say I have an amazing husband!

Yummy...all that hotness!

Okay, back to the previously scheduled program.

For this trip I packed too much crap. too much for 2 nights and and 2 days.

The only thing I wore was:

2 bikinis
The hat from above ( gifted by BFF)
Little black dress
Summer dresses (2) (note to self not to repeat:nautical blue and hippie swirls)
Jeans and top for the drive
Black platforms

I brought triple that! Lol

Anyways, gotta go back to the beach! Muah.



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