Friday, November 28, 2008

happy freakin black friday!

I remember my retail one really knows how much work goes into the preperation of "black friday" until you work it. I used to always say that everyone born should work at least one day during the holiday season in the mall....but you know what? Black Friday will do just fine. While it may just be your ritual to get up at 2 am or never go to bed and camp outside a store for 3 hours that is cool...but not mine. Good luck to you guys...but I am keeping my happy lil butt at work (no, I am no longer in retail) or my perfect day would be at home putting up my Christmas decorations. That would be a tradition that I would love to start someday with with my future family.....
So here is a survey for you?
*What is your tradition for the day after Thanksgiving?
*Did you get any cool deals today? Like what?
Please share....

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