Monday, November 24, 2008

I hate Migraines!!!

For those who know me know that I have suffered from migraines for about 12 years now. No one knows why it started or if there really was a distinct reason why. However I have gotten to a point that it's become kinda scary....I cannot remember the last time in my life that I did not have a migraine! So I GOT FED UP! I had upped my daily dose of Excedrin from 2 to 4 a day and it wasn't working.
So I found a DR and after all of the questions about my medical history I was freaking out! Holy Moly there must be a lot wrong with me.
The Dr placed me on a preventative medicine Called Topamax, we will see what happens. On my way to the DR I was already researching the medicine with the least side affects and that was the one that came up...Including the bonus....uh hum...weight loss. Who doesn't love that???
Plus Mr. D came with me and was there every step of the way =)

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