Saturday, November 22, 2008

Curtains: Part 2

I haven't yet started my curtain project... in search for affordable hardware, so after searching long and hard in stores that you would normally think would have a great deal like the following:

a- ikea

b- world market

c- home depot

d- Ross...

The winner came out being Ross. The other stores had great deals too, and if it would've been a couple of months ago with the economy great I would've definitely snatched them up...but now days you do have to be frugal. Especially when decorating because that is not a priority on the list. Right?
And I was going to do what I did with my last window...I was going to home depot and buy a pole that measured what I wanted, cut it up, buy the spray paint, bring it home and spray it.... go back out and buy the rest of the hardware....then come back home and arrange everything. But as I get older and I'd like to think wiser...I am trying to live by a very humble saying:
"Keep it simple stupid!!!!"

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