Saturday, December 13, 2008

From Young to Sophisticated???

It was Nice....I went to the hubby's boss' s casa today for his annual holiday party and it was really nice. I went too the mall before I went to the party in a time crunch...and even through the mall madness I had a game plan. I said to myself..."Okay...Steph, first head to the parking garage, 5 minutes. Walk though the crowd in the mall to Forever 21 , 10 minutes. Look around, 15 minutes. Try them on, 15 min. Walk back 10 minutes. Drive home, 5 minutes. that would make it 1 hour! But noooooo....things never work out how you want it. It took me forever to find parking and then I felt like I was walking through a mob. When I arrived to Forever I was disappointed with what they had....nothing today. I tried stuff on but it just felt toooo....wait for it....YOUNG! I said it, young, tini bobirish like. I ran, no I more like fast walked my happy ass to the limited and found a gorgeous shirt. Love it. I was home in an hour and 20...damn. Close call. So when do you start to make that transition into sophistication? I'd like to call it that ladies instead of older. lol.

Here is a pic of what I bought....UGLY PIC!

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