Friday, January 9, 2009

Angelina Gave her the Stink Eye?

I had a great thing typed and just got erased! But anyhow...I will try my best to rephrase. They say that in the following video Angelina is giving Ann the stink eye...yeah...please look at this and tell me if you see it. I think that this is another case of blowing things out of proportion because a) she is a woman and they expect her to be bitchy and b) because she is famous. Why? I am on team Jenn Aniston here just so you know, I am not trying to defend Angelina for any reason. I just think that just because she took a stand and wasn't faking her way through a smile that doesn't give her the stink eye! Why??? That is what's wrong with people. I think that she would've just preferred if it was her...that's all. Enjoy the video. xoxo.

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