Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are we Superwoman now days???

I posted last week how I was going to start my 30 day shred and all these great things....well, it's been 5 days and I have not opened the box. Why you may ask? Because I am exhausted. I am so busy throughout the day that when it comes time for me to spend time on me there is no time left. What do I do? How do you guys do it? I have gotten to a point that I don't have time to moisturize my face at the end of the night. Really, here is what my day looks like:

monday- 7a.m to 8p.m work/school
8-9 dinner
9-10 time with hubster
10-? shower and bed time

tuesday- 7am-9:15pm work/school
9:30-10 dinner??? if any
10-? shower, time with hubster....blah blah blah

wednesday-7a.m to 8p.m work/school
8-9 dinner
9-10 time with hubster
10-? shower and bed time

thursday-6:30-5:30 work
6:30-9 laundry, dinnner, cleaning,
9-10 hubster (I have to catch up Tivo today please...Grey's, private practice, wine...)
10:30- shower and bedtime

friday-7-7 work
8-9 drinks, dinner, whatever TGIF
night off

Sat. & Sun...cook, clean, fold, shop, grocery shop, drink, nest, homework, study, time with family....sleep...and REPEAT steps 1-5! me! what can I do to buy more time? I need time for myself...I have girly time that has been neglected, girls night out, and of course a much needed workout routine.

The life of a woman is not easy. To have a career, a family, a nurturing home and of course the hardest thing ever...a balanced life.

Any pointers from all you superwoman???


  1. since you have no time you find ways to incorporate 'exercise' in to your daily routine... park far instead of close so you have to walk.. take the stairs instead of the elevator.. eat healthy (don't confuse that for 'don't eat')..

    whatever you do ... do NOT get discouraged. we've all been there. you're building character. and no matter what.. stay positive. hard work pays off. =)

    "To be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life; foolish people are idle, wise people are diligent."


  2. Wow- you have an extraordinarily crazy schedule. I don't think most people have 11 hour days of work and school. Really. I think you have a full plate already.



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