Friday, January 2, 2009

Off my Chi

Why the hell did I have to work today? I feel so tired. I mean. Especially after being off yesterday. I almost wish I would've worked yesterday. I feel completely out of wack and my chi is all out of balance if you know what I mean. I am freaking tired as shit. I woke up this morning and made another sad sad attempt to get up on time. That never happens. For those of you that know me know that I am not a morning person. That is an activity I hate. Waking up. It has to be out of natural causes. And what I mean by that is the following:

a) the sun needs to be perfect shade of yellow and it needs to slightly hit my window so I can realize it's morning. Seriously.

b) I better not be in the middle of dreaming of winning the lotto and having a body like fergie with my husband by my side, but with Josh Duhamel as my

c) I'll take breakfast in bed, sesame bagel toasted with honey almond cream cheese and freshly squeezed oj, plus some cuban coffee. Some water on the side too. I need 3 drinks.

d) the remote, down comforter, and HGTV till I decide " ahhh...I should get up".

e) after all that....please dont talt to me until I talk to you. Asking you for the time does not mean Im up. A smile means Im up, and those usually come about 3 hours later.

Thats all.

That is how I would get up without a problem. A girl can dream!

So anyhow...Im going to bed now... exhausted.

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