Sunday, February 22, 2009

My weekend in lovely Florida......

Hubster and I spend Saturday at Lincoln Rd. If you know S. Fl, than you know Lincoln Rd. You know that it's near S.Beach and it's a great place to catch perfect weather, kick back, and relax.

We walked around for a bit, wished we would've brought Bambi along because there were so many people with their dogs walking around...

We ended up eating at Sushi Siam, that was where they had their drink menu rated by alcohol content, which was Aw-so-me!
That was an easy choice for us, bring us the strong one! =)

Until that thing came with an umbrella and a

The hubster and I could not stop laughing....and the waiter laughed at us when he brought it...can you believe that???

But he did not care! He drank that drink like a MAN!

Look at the pic... you can say what you want, but we were toasty after! That thing was veeeery strong!

We ended the day at about 7, and took some really pretty pics of Fl and it's beauty...


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  1. yo.! my cousin is the coolest dude ever.! lolol




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