Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tikki Love

Hubster and I yesterday went to a party and I saw the cutest tikki hut bar ever....So ever since than I've been dreaming of putting one in by backyard...

However I have one small problem....$$$$...LOL

So for right now I will just keep dreaming...

Here's some tikki eye candy.

smile bar....too cute right?

I could listen to Bob Marley at this bar and get drunk =)

this is a nice sports bar...

overall amazing...looking at the bay.



  1. um. yea. i would so be at your house every weekend..

    bob marley and some piña coladas or strawberry daiquiris all day... makeup-less with tanks and shorts.


  2. Put on some Bob and relax...seems like heaven to me! :)



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