Sunday, May 24, 2009

Im back!!!

Ok, the trip was aw-so-me!

I tried out my photographer skills and spent a lot of quality time with hubster...which was priceless!

We ended up in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Isla Roatan (Honduras).

I was as usual amazed at how people live and how much they work...that always happens to me, I get consummed with worry for them.. Which is none of my business. But I would see the housekeeping team up at 7 and and still up at 10 at night, none stop...and in between that I had my room cleaned 3 times! I would find myself telling them to go to bed, to not work so hard...I know, weird!

Anyhow, I have over 200 pics, so what I will do is post them in categories so you can follow the trip and it is not one long post.

here is a sneak peak:


  1. Welcome back! I felt the same way about the poverty and living conditions in Punta Cana. Sad.

    Can't wait to see your beautiful photos and drool! lol :)

  2. Welcome back...Glad you had fun! :)



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