Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Beachy

This weekend husbter worked until 1 and I said that when he came home we needed to take the convertible out in this beautiful Florida weather and just chill out...that is all I wanted, just to get the hell away from the stresses of life.

I thought what beter place to go than....KEY WEST!

Husbster said: "lets do it, lets sleep at my parents tonight and leave early in the a.m.", Key West is 4 hours away, but his parents have a place in Key Largo (1 hr away).

Well, 3 hrs later we got to his parents =( it was the MS Bike Weekend, this wasnt good!

We chilled with the family and went to bed at 10, the next day we knew it was a bad idea...so we left to come home. We called a friend and were on our way to Deerfield Beach...it was so beautiful!

And 4 margaritas later it was a great day. =)

So the bottom line is that you really dont have to go far as long as you have tequila and sun!

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