Sunday, June 14, 2009

Peg Board Obssession

why why why am I so intrigued by this game?

I guess it's because it keeps telling me that I'm "just plain dumb"

damn cracker barrel! I bought it and I can't let it go!


  1. The hubs beats me at it every time at the Barrel. One of these days I will prevail.

  2. Oh cracker, how you try to break down my simple mind...tsk tsk!

  3. I used to love playing this!

  4. When I was a kid Pizza Hut always had these and we would play while we waited for our Pizza. Good times!
    In regards to the photography class, it's offered through a local city arts program- they have everything from web design, pottery, basket weaving, etc. Every summer there's a guide in our newspaper for all kinds of activities and I found it through that! If you can't find something similar, check to see if they offer a class like it at a university or community college near you. Hope this helps!



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