Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Save your Patron Bottles!!!

So you can stop spending $ on little vases and start drinking your way to a cool customized one!

Hope you like it...the idea came to me while sipping on a margarita =)



  1. love that! looks surprisingly more elegant than I originally imagined! :)

  2. cute! we used to take corona bottles and fill them with different colored sand to give as presents as sorority functions. a bottle drank is a craft waiting to happen =)

  3. ooh! i do that too! but i've never thought of using patron bottles somehow (well okay i'm only 20, and technically not allowed to drink yet, but...) i drink glass bottled teas and they come in all sorts of sizes and i use those as well! yay for creativity! :)

  4. What a freaking fabulous idea!!



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