Sunday, July 19, 2009

My dear friends...

I have not posted in so long and I feel bad, however I have checked your blogs daily even while sitting on the can (TMI I know...hehe).

But I just wanted to tell you that I am still life has changed a bit. I work for a big bank and in the last month I got shifted to one of the biggest branches in my market and that has been killer for me. We are going through tons of changes and in the midst of all of it...I am the one that people go to for advice and comfort. It is a lot at times...but I feel lucky to have a great opportunity to prove myself.

My professional life is taking up 70% of my time and at times I feel bad for my poor hubster, Bambi and Mimi...But I've always believed "work hard now and relax when your old...."

In the meantime, Husbster's birthday passed and so did mine...I will post pics =), and we managed to get this last week off, but made the financially responsible thing for once and stayed local.

Anyhow...missed ya!

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