Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Burlap Curtains

I really really hate my vertical blinds....really really really hate them. Did I mention that I hate them??? Well, my solution was to to add some curtains and hide the vertical blinds behind them. The project was kinda easy....with the exception of hemming them. Hemming was time consuming a bit because I could not decide if the should drag or not. So here are the pics of my prosess.

Hope you like them..

Burlap- About $30 (Joann's coupons are da bomb)
Rod- $ 9.99 (Ross is aw-so-me)
Rings- $ 6.00 (Ross again)
Total for custom made burlap curtains ------> $46


  1. Looks great. I am getting ready to make some for my bedroom windows. Did you wash the fabric first? Did you line it? whatever you did, looks great. I'm just hoping for a relatively painless project & am wondering about those two aspects.

  2. hey, Thank you so much! I actually wish I would have spent more time on them. I just cut and sew, that's all. It really is a great fabric. I used the sewing tape and ironed it to get my length on the bottom, But Thank U!



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