Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What hairstyle should I choose? has an awesome thing that you can totally upload your own personal drab pic and voila...enter someone elses haircut with your face!
Which is useful for me right now because I cannot decide on what to do with my hair.
These are two pics, one from Haiden (i think) and the other is Audrina. Now, please keep in mind that my body looks nothing like these chicks...even though I would love to be uber tanned and skinny, it's just not happening. Time to smell the roses and my hunny bun in the oven (jk, I wish).

Please let me know which one you like. =)


  1. ohhh how fun! I like both!! ...although that really is a fantastic brown ;)

  2. I love the brown!! What a cool feature!

  3. my vote is the dark hair. i like it on you. plus, you've done the blond.
    you're beautiful either way. :)


  4. both look great but i like the darker hair

  5. I saw go darker for fall & winter. You can always do the blonde in the summer!



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