Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year Loves!!

I know I know I usual I am a little late on my blog posting...hehehe!

But here I go with another attempt to update you all on my little world.

For those of you that do not know my man asked me to be his girl on 01/01/ this was our 10 year anni of him being my man and me being his girl =)

This anni means a lot to me because our love story goes as follows:

* Boy meets girl while girl working in store 11/10/99.

* Girl says to friend at store " that guy is sooo cute, I am going to marry that guy!"
friend than calls guy over and girl freaks out by running in back room...(really, I really did run to the back)

* Friend gets boys phone number for girl, girl never calls.

* Boy comes in on later date and asks girl "why no phone call?" girl responds.."because girls don't call boys" That's riiiight!
He laughs and calls girl that night.

* For the next couple of days they fell in love and didn't even know it...

* One conversation was about all the silly things kids used to do, including passing those notes that would ask:
Would you be my girl? Please check one, YES NO MAYBE

* Boy and girl went on first date on x-mas eve at the Cheesecake factory!

* Then on new years eve boy and girl went on date at weird family friends house, but boy gives girl a note...asking
"Would you be my girl? Please check one, YES NO MAYBE"

That was how we started this crazy life together...

After that we dated for 3 years and one day just decided to elope...we actually got in the car. I was wearing a white dress from Express and went to a Drive Thru Chapel, we splurged though and went inside. He rented me a vail and had 5 friends attend.

It was very Brit meets her first husband...geez!

The family was devastated that we did it that way. And Honestly...I am not to sure till this day why. But we have made through it all in the last 10 years..

Which brings me to this:

(I have been wanting this ring forever! it is a yellow canary diamond, with infinity band. The pics don't do it justice. Center stone at 1.5 C, total ring with band 3.5 C.)

We went to spend new years at Key Largo with his parents and some of his friends and when it came time to give our anni presents to each other (mine being a card ...with poem, a Hershey's bar and a $25 Macy's, we are broke believe it or not!)

He re-proposed!!! It was so amazing, in our hearts we were doing things the right way this time.

He handed me this

from Z Gallerie and inside there was a fortune with this message:

Will you marry me again? YES NO MAYBE?
May the next 10 years be as blessed as the last 10.
I love you baby.

And on the back he added:

Lucky Numbers
7 his b day
13 my b day
1 new year anni
5 may (wedding anni month)
21 wedding date

Awesome huh?

It was amazing...I still need to upload all the pics and the video so I can share with all you lovelies...

Happy new Year my friends...

and here is the oh so cliche list of resolutions:

*** Blog! Fix this blog...make it nice and easy to navigate through.
*** Make my life a little easier...try to find the perfect balance between a successful bus woman, daughter, wife, and someday mom.
*** Spend a lil more time on myself.

What are yours???



  1. Oh my goodness that is soo cute...congrats girly! :)

  2. i teared up a little bit reading this... :)



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