Sunday, February 8, 2009

Burberry Shoes, Louis Bag...a girl can dream right??

man oh I get older I've had the eye for key pieces in my wardrobe... and lately I've had the fever for some really really expensive items. Hubster is looking at me like "ok...maybe we need a secong J.O.B to feed your addiction" so, I will only dream=)

Here is a pic of the shoe that I would not wear everyday at all, but I definatelly call it a staple in my closet! The ultimate power shoe! the, yeah look at my pretty heels...shoe! I mean...Kim is kiling it here. If you have the dough you can get them at

and here is a classic:

the Louis Tweety:

it is the perfect bag, and now it omes in this great color... I wish I had $700 buckaroos lying around!




  1. 1) she's kim. she kills just about everything she wears. <3
    2) isn't it the speedy.? it's been on my wish list since '06 lol


    maybe one day we can rock the purse and the shoes. lol

  2. let me tell ya, I dont see that happening any time soon. Maybe knock offs from china town=)



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