Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I stayed home today!

Boy oh boy...I am so freakin tired it is beyond belief! So I stayed home...I have to be coming down with something...Maybe the flu?

My whole body hurts and yesterday I sat there and counted how many days left till my Vacation...62!!!

By the time we go on vacation it will be 9 months since my last one...

That is just Ri-Don-Cu-Lous!

Anyways, nothing explains best how I feel today than this...

now it's time to snap out of it!

And this is what got me up....This is hilarious! EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!



  1. LOL...that dog is a trip..sure does have long legs!

  2. LMAOOO i dance in my room on a daily basis.!!!! and act a fool.. jamel joins sometimes. <3 you've GOT to see him dancing like me and vicky.. you would cry laughing.!!!




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