Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What has this world come to????

You can say what you want and think what you want! However, this is too much! All by this company that is a freaking dating service for married people!!!!

I can't deal with this crap!

Really??? You hook up married people with affairs??? Really???? Get the F**K out of here!

This freaking company right now is the 3rd largest "Dating Service" in the world...that means that the demand is high and that we have officially lost out freaking marbles!

You can visit them at

And see for your self what I mean!

Oh, and here is their logo...from their site! At least they guarantee their affairs right???


  1. you would be surprised what people do...

  2. Wow...I bet a real classy person came up with that, and people wonder why America is going to hell..cause of idiots like this.



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