Sunday, April 26, 2009

I've been a bad bad...

blogger, I know!

Sorry my friends...but Geez sometimes life just hapens and sneaks up on you like cold pizza.

But Lets do a recap. This is how my incredibly boring week went...

Last sunday I am proud to say that hubster and I worked a March Of Dimes event to collect $ for the babies. But it was killer. 7-4 near the beach, so our Florida sun had no mercy on us.

Monday I worked my bones off till 6, straight to class to get ready for my final when my teacher does not show up! I turn into panic, come back home and start to work on final essay for English class...I am writting a research paper on Meth, let me tell you. I can educate you on it without a problem. Just ask =)

Tuesday-Wed, I started to get ready for a not so nice medical procedure....let just say that I lost about 4 pounds in a day and a half and had things in less flattering areas of my body! Ouch...
No eating for 32 hours! Just water. So I was so so out of it. Oh, and I still had to head over to school to take that math final...eeek!

First meal....Antony's coal Fire Pizza.

Thusday and friday I just worked till night time, my favorite boss left and that just meant so much more work for mua!
But thank God my branch is kicking booty!

Yesterday I had my garage sale! I am proud to say that I made $120 and got rid of a lot of stuff, ahem...crap!
And you guys know that I have been on a major decluttering rampage.

Last night we went to the Hard Rock for my leaving boss' party...damm, we got home at 3! That is crazy for me and as I sit here and write to you my friends, it is with much regret that I should not have had 3 crans and vodka, 1 shot of tequila, beer, and no food! lol. That all equals a major hangover.

So you see, that was my week in a nutshel.

I promise I'll be better.

I will be posting up pics of the MOD event, Garage sale, and my drunk



  1. Wow girl, you were a busy bee were'nt you! :)

  2. I wrote a big paper on Meth in college. Definitely an interesting topic! If I knew where my stuff was, I'd email it to you!

  3. girl love the color of your hair!



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