Saturday, July 10, 2010

Change in Guest Bedroom: DIY

Here's a cool little change that could be done any day easily and on a budget.

The guest bedroom in my house holds multiple purposes...besides making friends a comfy room to pass out drunk =)

But since I live in FL and had no real defined since of style when we bought our home.. it ended up oh so tropical.

I am now so over it. I have pretty much made simple changes to my whole house since I had so many freaking palm trees everywhere! Even my office at work was palm trees and beaches!

I decided to revamp this room using as little cash as possible, so here is how thing went:

I decided to change the comforter and use that as my slate, I found this cool little print at IKEA for $12. Score!

Now that was my first experience with a duvet...I was definitely scared when I started to tuck in one of my old conforters inside of it. I than used the clothing pins to hold it together. Woo...that was so much easier.

After that the palm trees on the walls had to come down, and since I am a firm believer in re-using old items I remembered that I had 4 canvas from my old apartment that was also a DIY project. Back than I painted each of them different browns, leaving one white.

I searched Ikea for a cool fabric I can cover them with and than saw the fabric used for those sliding little curtains that they have. Only $10!

Kinda like this one I found on the web click here to see.

The rest was awesome! With nail gun and scissors, I guess everything is easy.

I added a couple of nail heads on the headboard for a polished look, it came out pretty cute too.

Here's a sneak peak=) check again for the final pics! oh, and btw-the total for all this was $22. not bad huh?

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