Saturday, July 10, 2010

Landscaping: The During!

Hi guys,

so as I promised here is the during stages of our beautiful new landscaping =)

I just loved the whole process, and since our great friend Steve runs a turned out to be that much more enjoyable.

Caution: I do not know the names of the plants, I picked plants that would not overpower the house again like the previous landscaping and easy to maintain.

There were several trips in the HOT Florida sun to numerous nurseries to find the best plants. Here's a few.

Next we wanted texture in the landscaping, something to create interest.

So we ended up using tons and tons of rocks...

Here's a few. We ended up with this massive rock, and 2 different types of rocks as fillers in between plants. Again, low maintenance and texture. Besides, mulch sucks. Yeah it is cheaper...But I would end up month after month adding new mulch to keep things looking clean, but as you saw from the before turned into a red jungle.

I hand it to my fried Steve...this was a lot lot lot of work! Look at the following pics. The amount of trash alone needed a truck. Not to mention a truck to bring all the rock I ever wanted;)

So please check back with EIA for final pics. xoxo friends.

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